On Slut Shaming

To “slut shame” is to perpetuate the idea that sex is dirty, and in particular, dirty and dangerous for a woman. That rigid mindset is problematic as it is unrealistic and does little in the way of advancing the way we discuss consensual sex between adults.

Lindy West (via gayawaythepray)

plannedparenthood: There’s a ton of interesting info in this graphic, but it’s especially striking how condom use decreases with age, even with casual partners. Condoms shouldn’t be something you grow out of as you get older — the protection they offer against STDs is unrivaled by any other form of birth control besides abstinence! Your … Continue reading

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nycartscene: Opens Thurs, July 5, 6-9p: “Love Me Till It Hurts” Panni Malekzadeh Freight + Volume, 530 W24th St., NYC Panni Malekzadeh makes beautiful, complicated portraits of contemporary Persian women coming of age. What age, exactly, they are coming into is not entirely clear. The young women she depicts, mostly based on her close friends and … Continue reading

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