Romney Promises To Propose Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage – from the New Civil Rights Movement 

Of all the people I dislike, Mitt Romney is definitely very very high on the list. I used to think that he may be a tolerable Republican candidate until I started hearing all the shit he says about “defending marriage”.

Really? That is such bullshit. He has now promised to “propose and promote” an amendment banning same-sex marriage in the United States, accusing Obama of an “assault on religion”.

Now, I could be mistaken, but last time I checked he was still allowed to go to church, but I’m not allowed to marry a woman in most parts of this country. Who is assaulting who again?

I really really hope that none of the republican candidates win in 2012. It will be such a huge setback for human and civil rights and it will take a lot of time to undo all the bigotry and utter horse shit they will impose upon this country. It never ceases to amaze me how people who are involved in politics do not seem to understand the concept of separation between church and state. What you want to do on Sunday mornings is your business but I will be damned if I let you take away my rights because you are an ignorant, backwards, narrow-minded son-of-a-bitch.

Obama 2012. Or I am moving to Canada. Or maybe Finland.

Sign the petition to get anti-gay Chick-fil-a out of NYU the dining hall

A petition near and dear to my heart. As much as I appreciate some delicious chicken nuggets a lot of Chick-fil-a’s profits to go anti-gay organizations and I really don’t like seeing it in my dining hall at New York University where it is SUPPOSED to be LGBTQ friendly.

Its a littttttle bit of a mixed signal I’m getting NYU.

I’d really like to see it be replaced by something more nutritious and less bigoted so sign the petition here!

Thank you,


Sign the petition to eliminate the “gay panic” defense from Queensland law.

The gay panic defense is a legal defense against assault and murder charges on the grounds that the defendant acted out of “a state of temporary insanity” because of homosexual panic, a “psychiatric condition” in which one suffers temporary psychosis caused by unwanted homosexual advances.

In other words, the gay panic defense makes it ok to kill someone who is gay (or someone you believe to be gay) because they are hitting on you (or you are afraid that they may hit on you).

While losing credibility due to its complete lack of scientific proof, this defense was used in the Matthew Shepard case and is still totally legal in Australian Common law.

There’s a petition on to eliminate this defense from the books and hold homophobes accountable when they attack innocent people.

Click here to sign the petition and help aid in the prosecution of hate crimes.

Sexual Orientation in the City…?

In the great debate over whether or not sexuality is a choice, I want to punch Cynthia Nixon in the face. While I totally respect can tolerate that she thinks that maybe she is gay by choice, declaring it in that interview gives every anti-gay, homophobic asshole the ammunition to say, “Cynthia Nixon, a big gay herself, said its a choice so by George it must be!”

I don’t pretend to know exactly how sexual orientation is formed, and anyone who says they do is full of horse poopy, but there is an inherent problem in saying that it is EITHER genetic OR a choice. Which ever way it goes has complications…

Sexuality as a choice:

  • Gives every right-wing, conservative, religious, bastard the ammunition to say that if sexual orientation is a choice then one can just simply choose to stop being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/queer.
  • However, there is some legitimacy in saying that one chooses to act upon their sexuality rather than live closeted. But this is in no way the same as saying that one chooses to be gay or straight.
  • If Cynthia Nixon, or other people, believe that they chose to be gay than it’s not really my place to say that they didn’t; I have no way of knowing how they feel or how their sexual identity developed.

Sexuality as something we are born with:

  • Some people are left-handed and some people aren’t. Some people are gay and some people aren’t. If its something we are born with than it’s just part of the natural variance within the human species and its nothing to be “changed” or “cured”.
  • But (as was pointed out to me in my Gender and Sexuality Studies class) saying that we were “born this way” implies that if we DID have a choice we would choose to not be this way, but we can’t because it is something that we were born with – like some kind of birth defect.

It’s not by any means a pretty argument.

In Cynthia’s defense, she later clarified her comment, saying that bisexuality is NOT a choice but being in a relationship with a woman is.

Advice of the Day: Think before you speak, or crazy closeted republicans are going to turn what you say into a reason to deny people basic human rights. And that sucks.